Where can we organise a birthday for children from 6 to 8 years old? Here are the best 9 venues!

Here are the best places to celebrate birthdays for children from 6 to 8 years old. If this special date is approaching, we will give you all the tips.

Look no further, here are the best places to celebrate birthdays for children from 6 to 8 years old. And, if this special date is approaching, and you don’t know where to start to organise it, here we give you all the tips to do so. 

At this age, children want to run, jump, move from one place to another and not stop playing, which is why large venues are needed. How about on a farm, in an equestrian centre, on a safari or in a beauty salon?

We won’t make you wait any longer! It is time for you to get to know a lot of places for the most original birthdays that the birthday boy or girl could never forget.

Get comfortable reading, let’s begin! 

Photo by Tanya Vasiluk

   1. On the farm

Celebrating the birthday in the middle of nature, in a location such as a farm and with endless activities to do, will make the birthday an unbeatable experience.

And it’s not surprising! Because the children will be surrounded by animals, they will learn about them, they will make their own bread, they will ride horses, they will be able to go zip-lining and play a lot of farming games such as: transporting eggs, watering can races, pinning the tail on the donkey, Pass The Pigs or hot potato.

At the end they will have their well-deserved snack to rest and fill their stomachs after so much adventure.

  2. In a special room for parties 

Yes, special party rooms are a sure hit, and there is no one who cannot have fun with balls, face painting, mini disco, clowns and even dressed up movie animals.

These rooms can be found in all Spanish cities, they are also specialised in celebrating children’s birthday parties, so they offer extra services such as costumes, activities, monitors, snacks, cake… 

Children will go crazy with happiness as soon as they step into the room, and they will feel as if they are in a toy paradise…they will end up exhausted and they will sleep better than ever! 

  3. In the equestrian centre

Celebrating a birthday surrounded by horses is a spectacular experience that will never be forgotten, all children love these animals!

They will be able to ride a horse, have classes and learn a lot about these animals, they will be able to brush them and even take workshops on painting horseshoes and gymkhanas.  

After a long day, it’s time to set up the table with snacks and end the day with some dances and handing out sweets and presents. The guests will remember this birthday as one of the most special!

Photo by Tanya Vasiluk

  4. Outdoors

There’s nothing like celebrating a birthday outside for everyone to run around at ease! You can always resort to a public park, do it in a garden, in a field, etc. They are perfect settings for children to play without the fear of breaking anything and to carry out activities, such as football games or a treasure hunt. 

Nor can you miss a snack or picnic, where you can take advantage of the picnic areas that are in many parks or take folding tables and portable fridges for drinks and ice, as well as glasses, plates and cutlery. 

Remember to collect everything at the end to leave the space as you found it!

  5. At Urban Planet 

Celebrating a birthday by jumping is possible at Urban Planet, where everyone can enjoy all the park’s activities and attractions.

They will be able to jump between trampolines doing all kinds of games while jumping, they will have a great time! In addition, they are always under the supervision of monitors. 

This really is a unique and original birthday! In addition, the birthday boy and her guests will have a celebration room all to themselves where they will also enjoy drinks, snacks and cake. 

Even fluorescent face paint! Yes, fun and adrenaline are guaranteed! 

   6. A themed party

What is their favourite cartoon? Well, it’s time to have a party with lots of decorations from this cartoon!

But you can also celebrate a themed party inspired by their favourite movie or series, as well as their favourite game or sport, the profession they dream of, their favourite colour, etc.

In these parties, decoration is essential, since everything has to be related to the chosen theme, even the food!

Photo by Tanya Vasiluk

   7. At the beauty salon

An original way to celebrate a birthday is to do it in a spa or beauty salon, and that is because at this age everyone wants to play being grown up!

So there’s nothing like giving them the whim of having someone paint their nails, do a hairstyle for them, put on makeup, masks and give them massages. The dressing tables will make them feel like they are backstage in a movie studio!

You can also prepare cocktails or refreshing drinks to offer to the guests while they pamper themselves, as well as cupcakes or book a small catering service.

A fun experience that also mixes learning, well-being and health.

   8. On a safari

Whether in Madrid, Toledo or in almost any city in Spain you can find a safari. Because what kid doesn’t like animals?

Celebrating a birthday at a venue like this, he or she and all their guests will be able to see and touch animals, have walks, have guided tours, etc. A long day spent among animals and finished with a snack and a cake.

Even the food can be inspired by a safari! Like green juices imitating grass, elephant cookies, monkey lollipops…

This is a party that can turn into a very educational day as well as fun. 

   9. Throw the party at home

If your son or daughter’s birthday is caught in the middle of the pandemic, as has happened with COVID-19, and the country is faced with a lot of restrictions, it is best to celebrate it at home.  

It can be just as good! Decorating everything, playing games as a family such as board games, karaoke, costume contests…as well as preparing the menu as a family with the child’s favourite dishes and making a homemade dessert. 

A good idea to spend time with the family and create unique moments on the birthday is to create the decorations with the little one, through crafts, you can even make a homemade piñata!

Photo by Tanya Vasiluk

You already know that at Perfect Venue we organise everything for you, so, if you have a birthday soon in mind, get in touch with us!

And if you need more ideas, we can give you a lot on our blog.

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