This is the experience of celebrating a birthday party full of children’s entertainment in Barcelona

This is the experience of celebrating a birthday party full of children's entertainment in Barcelona. Take ideas for your this unforgetable day and make all children happy!

This is the experience of celebrating a birthday party full of children’s entertainment in Barcelona. Take ideas for your this unforgetable day and make all children happy!


If you are passing through Barcelona during a trip and it coincides with your child’s birthday or with a special event for your little one, or if you live in Barcelona, there is nothing better than celebrating a birthday party full of children’s entertainment in Barcelona, where everything is organised for you!

The best thing is that the birthday boy or girl will enjoy an unconventional party, he/she will remember it for life! Yes, among games, big carnival heads, costumes, with their favourite theme, in a special place…

If you like the idea… It’s time to find out what this experience includes for the most important person in your life! Because we love organising children’s parties and making parents and kids happy.

We won’t make you wait any longer!

We will look for the best venue in Barcelona for you

Do you already know the best venues for children’s parties in Barcelona? The venue is a key factor to consider for the event to be a great success and for everyone to remember it, so we will find the best venue for your child’s party, and we know the most original places in Barcelona to organise your little one’s birthday party!

We’ll talk to you to find out if your child is more into adventure and adrenaline, water parks, amusement parks, the marine world, if they love horror themes, jumping non-stop… We have the best places in Barcelona for your child to have their dream birthday with children’s entertainment in Barcelona!

Children’s entertainment in Barcelona and/or big animated heads

Regardless of the place where the birthday is celebrated, we can adapt the entertainment to it, since within this experience we include fun for the little ones, such as: games, dances, choreographies, balloon twisting, face painting, etc. All depending on the time you want to hire an entertainer!

Generally we usually have one entertainer for every 12 children, that is, if there are 24 children there will be two entertainers at your party.

It should be noted that you could book at least one hour, but they can stay as many hours as you need. In addition, if you book more than 2 hours, apart from the above mentioned, you can also hire other types of entertainment such as magicians or carnival-heads.

The big carnival heads dressed as your child’s favourite characters are the favourite entertainment of the little ones, and if they see a big carnival head entertainer dressed as their favourite animated character on the day of the celebration of their theme party… they will be amazed!

But it is very important to keep in mind that, as the big-headed animator is a giant stuffed animal, he can’t move very well or dance very easily, nor can he play with children, as he is too big and can’t jump very much with the children. The big carnival head is only for cuddles, hugs and photos with the little ones.

For this reason, what we always recommend is to have an entertainer dressed in the theme who is in charge of playing all the games for the children, as this is the one in charge of running around the place, jumping and dancing with the little ones.

You can hire the services separately or all together, you can customize everything as you want, both the entertainer, as the big carnival head, or both.

However, our advice as organisers of children’s parties is to hire the big-headed + entertainer duo, which is equal to double the fun.

Themed birthday parties in Barcelona

Surely your child has a favourite character, everyone does! So something that will take them by surprise will be to arrive at their birthday and find all decorations representing their favourite series, film or cartoon.

Making fun and original themed children’s parties is our passion!

When it comes to preparing celebrations for children there are plenty of themes that will make sure the little one never forgets their big day, so if your children have a favourite character consider creating a Luli Pampín themed birthday if they love singing and dancing so much, a Minions themed birthday, these creatures are fun for everyone, a Tik Tok themed birthday, we know your little one spends hours on this social network! A Robin Hood themed birthday if your child is very adventurous, a Thunderman themed birthday if they love superheroes, a My Little Pony themed birthday if they love these fantasy animals, a Misha and Masha themed birthday if they are a fan of these cartoons or an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday if they love the film and the book by Lewis Carroll.

Cake, piñata and sweets included in your Perfect Plan

A themed cake is also very important at any party, and the best thing is that in Barcelona we know the best cake shops so that at your little one’s birthday no one is left without a piece of cake.

That’s why we will make a cake adapted to your tastes, with fondant, chocolates, cream, cartoons… and, above all, candles for your little one to make a wish.

We will also take care of placing themed sweets. We are in favour of having edible elements to decorate as well, such as biscuits, macarons, kinder eggs, lacasitos, jelly beans, a sweet food station will fascinate everyone!

The piñata is also something that children love, so if you wish, we can also place a piñata with the theme of the birthday at the children’s party, fun guaranteed!

Decoration included for a complete experience

The decorations are an addition that always helps to enjoy the moment and to remember it for a lifetime, so we can not leave aside a decoration that goes according to the theme of the big day of your little one.

In large part, what will make the biggest impact when the children enter the space is the decoration, so we will fill the space with columns of balloons, bright colours and pastel colours, themed stuffed animals, food tables full of decorative and edible objects, tipi tents, food trolleys with lights, little boxes that decorate but store sweets, big Hollywood-style letters…

If your child’s birthday is themed, we will make sure that the tables, the photocall, the games, the entertainment, etc. are decorated with this theme. We will make sure that no detail is missing!

It should be noted that the amount of decoration and the elements will vary depending on what you need, we will adapt to you!

A professional photographer for your children’s party in Barcelona

Nobody leaves an event without taking a lot of photos to remember, so during your birthday with children’s entertainment in Barcelona, we hire a professional photographer for you.

Photos are a must at events, not only at adult celebrations, but also in the children’s world, so there is nothing better than having a photographer at your disposal to capture the smiles and poses of the children in the most professional way.

We can set up a photobooth corner full of their favourite theme, full of objects to pose with, balloons, and an instant camera so that the kids can go home with the photos with their friends. More than one of them will want to hang them in their room!

Nothing like photos to remember one of the happiest days of your life!

Easy payment and booking

Yes, you don’t have to pay the full amount for the experience. All you have to do is click and make the reservation with only 50% of the amount and pay the rest on the day of the event.

Convenience for you!


Parents who are embarking on the adventure of organising a birthday with children’s entertainment in Barcelona for your little boy or girl, are sure that you don’t want to miss any detail when it comes to organising it.

That’s why at Perfect Venue we love children’s parties, so we do everything for you: an unforgettable decoration, a well cared for theme, entertainment for the kids to have a great time, and a photographer to capture everything for the memory!

Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are already waiting for you to get down to work with the preparations.