Plan venue finder: live the experience and visit the most exclusive wedding venues

Live the experience of visiting the most exclusive wedding venues by booking this venue finder plan.


If you are here because you probably need a service to visit wedding venues, well, you are in luck! Because we bring you this venue finder plan to find the wedding venue you have always dreamed of.

If there is something that characterizes and makes an event unforgettable, it is the venue where it is celebrated.

So, if you are looking for your perfect venue, you have little time and you need to make an express route in the few days that you are going to stay in the city… we have a solution for you, our Perfect Plan! Whether you are in Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid or any other place in Spain.

Choosing the right venue may seem a bit stressful, but it’s not! Thanks to this experience we make it very easy for you, you’ll see!

Read on to find out everything that is included in your venue finder plan, the best experience to visit the most exclusive wedding venues, and find the one you want for your big day.

Transfer to and from the hotel

The visit to the various locations begins with your pick-up at the hotel where you are staying. A driver will meet you to start the route, and will take you to all the venues and then bring you back to the hotel.

It is like a private chauffeur service! So that you don’t have to worry about anything, we provide you with transportation. Exclusivity with maximum comfort.

Specialist accompaniment

In addition to the driver, you will be accompanied by a specialist. Yes, all the visits will be done with a specialist who will accompany you along the way to see the venues with you and explain everything about them, making you see all the potential they have!

This person will make sure that you find the enclave of your dreams: one that matches your style and that transmits good vibes from your first visit.

A dossier for you after the visits

More than 90% of the bride and groom who get married nowadays are first-timers, so it is quite common that they forget some detail. Well, with this experience you will not have to worry about anything but enjoying yourselves.

It is well known that when you visit many venues there are many details that escape us, that is why the person who visits them with you makes notes and videos of the most significant details so that, after the visit, it will be easier to decide the space you want for your wedding.

A few days after the experience, you will receive a dossier with the entire route of all venues that you visited and the most important factors for you in each venue.

Each wedding is associated with a lot of information that you must keep in mind at all times!

We are focused on your desires and needs

Our team always treats each client with great care, attention, and dedication, we will prepare and coordinate your itinerary of wedding venues that best fit your desires and needs for your big day.

All venues will be chosen according to the style of the couple and the budget allocated for the wedding venue. We will take care of every detail so the bride and groom can relax and truly enjoy the experience.

Route around the published venues… or the ones you want!

The venues to visit can be the ones we have on our site, Perfect Venue Finder, where you will find a wide offer of published venues. Here you can see the most luxurious and exclusive venues from all over the country.

Although, if you have one that you have fallen in love with but it is not published in our Finder, we can prepare a visit to all those that are not published and that you like so much.

Also, we move by region, so if you need venues specifically in one region, we can organize the route for you. For example, if your dream is to get married in Jávea, we organize a visit to the best venues in that area so you can visit them.

The bride and groom can choose the venues to visit or trust our choice!

Easy booking and payment

It is very easy to book, and if you like this experience, you can reserve it from your home, with just one “click”, and we will take care of the rest!

Actually, it is not necessary to pay the full amount for the experience. You simply need to pay 50% of the amount and the rest on the day of the visit to the venues.

Comfort for you!

We also take care of all the paperwork

If this venue finder experience has helped you, and after the visit you have a definite choice of the venue for your celebration, you can rely on Perfect Venue, our professional will help you with all the tasks: booking the venue, decorating it, etc.

We are waiting for you!

To make sure you don’t miss anything, the best thing to do is to have someone to help you, that’s why we recommend you to book the venue finder experience to visit the best venues, so we don’t miss anything!