Celebrate your birthday in a winery: a Perfect Plan to blow out the candles among wine barrels and Iberian cured meats

Celebrating your birthday in a winery is your best plan to blow out the candles among barrels of wine and Iberian cured meats.

Celebrating your birthday in a winery is your best plan to blow out the candles among barrels of wine and Iberian cured meats.


If there are some really exclusive places to celebrate birthdays, wineries are definitely up there! What could be more original and glamorous than celebrating your birthday in a stylish wine cellar among barrels, Iberian cured meats, cheeses and tastings?

Blowing out the candles in a winery is not just any old thing! And it doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating your 25th or your 65th birthday, celebrating in this place is for almost all ages, and we know how to organise it! Decoration, wine tasting, catering… we have it all sorted to leave your guests speechless.

Did you know that there are wineries full of luxury and exclusivity all over the country? Just as you read it, and we know an endless number of them so you can choose the one you like the most and in the place you prefer, we even close the winery just for you!

So, take pen and paper, because here we tell you all about this “Perfect Plan” to celebrate your most special day of the year with wine.

Let’s get started!

Exclusive wineries all over the country

Yes, Spain is full of wineries that offer the possibility of visiting the winery facilities, tasting some wines to celebrate your big day and even sleeping in them, because our country is one of the countries with the most vineyards in the world and one of the biggest wine producers. There are more than 4,000 wineries spread all over the country!

In addition, many wineries offer the possibility of eating inside the facilities themselves, they offer spaces with views of the vineyards, others have the rooms located in caves, and some have views of the barrel room.

You will be able, together with your guests, to take walks through the vineyards, for example, on horseback, and you will have the opportunity to visit places with a great wine tradition such as La Rioja, Valladolid, Pontevedra, Navarra, Ciudad Real or Cádiz.

Celebrating a birthday discovering new aromas and flavours in any winery in Spain is a real luxury!

Decoration for your birthday in a winery

The decoration is an added value that always helps to enjoy the moment and remember it for a lifetime, so we can not leave aside the decoration on the day of your birthday.

For your birthday in a winery we have an exclusive decorative proposal, we have it all thought out! Of course, the birthday boy or girl can always personalise the decoration to their own taste: removing, adding or changing anything, because the most important thing is that the decoration is to each person’s taste.

A wine tasting is a must!

Surrounded by barrels where the wines mature, in rooms overlooking vineyards or outside, on the banks of a river or next to the vineyards where they come from, a wine tasting is an essential experience on your birthday at a winery.

Aided by the information, knowledge and passion of the people who explain each wine, you will learn about the types of grapes, fermentation time, colour, smell and, of course, taste.

If you are a wine lover, this is your best plan for your big day, your guests will be amazed! Few of them will have had the chance to attend a birthday party in a winery.

Wines, always accompanied by tasty food

How could food not be present on your day? A birthday in a winery is not a birthday if you don’t have delicious dishes to taste together with some tasty wines.

And what could be better to accompany the wine? Well, nothing better than Iberian ham, loin, cheese…

For example, fatty cheeses are a great match for the most astringent red wines. Soft cheeses work with a young red or white wine, while some powerful cheeses such as Cabrales or Gruyère work better with sparkling wines.

And… Can anyone imagine a steak or a stew without a glass of red wine on the side? Light red wines and very old red wines are recommended for young meats, such as veal, lamb, poultry or game, etc.

We will make sure that your wines pair well with them!

Sleep in the wine cellar

After your most important day of the year, it’s time to rest, and what better way to do it than in one of the rooms that many wineries have to create memories that will remain in your memory for the rest of your life? There are many winery-hotels that offer accommodation.

It’s a great option so that after a day full of emotions you don’t have to go back home. Sleeping in a winery on your birthday is priceless!

Photographer and videographer

To remember the moments of your birthday, you will have a photo session in the different places of the winery, as they offer many options of spaces: in the barrel room, in the vineyards… There are even wineries that have a library and a museum. 

Therefore, you will be able to have a professional photographer and videographer at your disposal so that you can remember your stylish celebration again and again.

Moreover, if you wish, in addition to the image, we can also take care of the lighting and sound, entertainment, transport…

Organisation and coordination

Yes, we like everything to go as planned, that’s why we can be part of your celebration, organising everything in advance and coordinating everything on the day of the birthday.

We will get everything ready so that the decoration is as you imagine it, that the wines look great with the dishes served, that the photographer leaves nothing to be captured… We are attentive to every detail!

We will prepare everything to your specifications, you only have to ask us for everything that is essential for your day, and your wishes will be our orders!

Prices on request

The price of celebrating your birthday in a winery in style will always depend on different factors such as, for example, the number of guests attending your celebration, the date on which you hold your event and the exact elements you need to count on: food, transport, entertainment…


Remember that organising a mythical birthday party requires planning and plenty of time in advance. Therefore, contact us at Perfect Venue to have the most unique and exclusive birthday of all your social circle.