Subscription flowers bouquets in Madrid

subscription to receive as often as you want, a generous bouquet of large fresh flowers

subscription to receive as often as you want, a generous bouquet of large fresh flowers


We are launching a new service “Subscription flowers bouquets in Madrid”.

We are convinced that flowers are a wonderful decoration of life and any interior. And regular delivery of bouquets will allow Madrid residents to constantly enjoy fresh compositions, creating an atmosphere of comfort and joy in their surroundings.

Subscription to bouquets in Madrid will not only lift your mood, but also:

✔️ Will free your time – it will save you from searching, choosing and selecting flowers;
✔️ Saves money – subscription bouquets are more favourable than one-off orders;
✔️ Saves your nerves – give you a charge of vivacity and inspiration.

It’s simple. You get fresh flowers at a convenient frequency and time. Decorate your home or office with flowers without limits, please your loved ones, friends and colleagues.

We have created a bouquet delivery service in Madrid once a week just for you. Subscribe and receive different fresh bouquets regularly.


Surprises from nature: Subscribe for bouquets with unexpected compositions

Flowers by subscription in Madrid are completely different. And you may get an unexpected surprise. When you don’t know what kind of flowers will be arranged for you. It is very interesting to wait and anticipate what kind of flowers today put in your favourite vase.

Just imagine that you receive an intriguing floral surprise. What kind of bouquet have you imagined? It is unlikely that you will guess the composition exactly, but you will increase your interest and develop your imagination. You can even play a guessing game with your family or colleagues.

When each subscription bouquet is unique and different from the previous one, you can create an atmosphere of diversity and add new notes to the interior of your home or office.

Recipients of our bouquets often do not know what flowers will be delivered to them. In the feeling of pleasant expectation they are happily surprised every week.

We co-operate directly with wholesale bases strictly under orders. Therefore, subscription bouquets are much more favourable for you than one-off regular orders.

Wish your favourite flowers or exclude the unloved ones

Subscription bouquets in Madrid are ideal for creative people. You have a fine taste, love everything beautiful and unusual, appreciate aesthetics in everyday life and know how to enjoy life.

To decorate your home or office with flowers and add freshness and colour to your daily life, specify your preferences for flowers or leave the choice entirely to the service.

We will take into account individual requirements and create bouquets that are perfect for you, your home, your office. We will choose the colour scheme of the composition for any interior and based on the taste of the recipient.

Knowing what flowers you do not like, we will not use them in every new bouquet. Or on the contrary, share what you would like to receive flowers constantly, then we will deliver a bouquet corresponding to special wishes.

Floral joy every week with home delivery

Thanks to our subscription bouquet service in Madrid, we ensure regular and timely delivery of fresh flowers.

You will not have to search, select and buy flowers yourself. You can fully trust the automatic service, delegate tasks and enjoy the timely delivery of new bouquets every week. We will save you from boring planning and make buying flowers easy and enjoyable.

With regular subscription we offer amazing variety and daily beauty, make life brighter and bring joy to every recipient. To make flowers delight you for as long as possible, we select the freshest inflorescences and assemble the bouquet on the day of delivery.

When placing your first order, choose the type of bouquet and frequency of delivery. We will deliver flowers on a convenient schedule. You can easily change the schedule and subscription details, reschedule or cancel your delivery.