Vertical forest

Have fun with your family in the amazing vertical forest based 40 km from Barcelona and the delicious catalonian food from only 85 € each
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Holidays in Barcelona and Catalonia are very popular among families with kids thanks to the Mediterranean climate that is known to be comfortable and healthy for the youngest travelers. However, many parents wonder how they can amuse their bored princes and princesses – we know the answer! Let your kids remember their holidays as a fantastic fairy tale full of magic, heroes and adventures.

If you are vacationing in Barcelona with your family, you will quickly appreciate the city’s wide range of activities and attractions for all-round family fun.

Climbing through the trees (tree canopy) is not only a favorite pastime of many children, but also the secret dream of many adults. We have great news for all dads, moms and their kids – a Vertical Forest is waiting for you! That is the place where dreams of young adventurers come true and adults get some fitness and fun.

Our Vertical Forest is a treetop adventure that consists of four courses with different challenges, ranging from easy to very difficult. Through the use of ropes, logs, swinging bridges, hoops and other fun obstacles, you and your kids can climb through the trees just like Tarzan. No experience is necessary, and the four courses are designed for different physical abilities. A young child can do green courses, while more athletic kids can be challenged by the higher, more difficult courses. Participants are harnessed, helmeted and securely hooked onto cables. Then they are free to guide themselves through the various aerial trails for both physical and mental challenges.

Do you want to return to childhood and be your child’s friend in a joint adventure? Your holiday’s adventure in the Vertical Forest is an unforgettable positive experience that will unite the whole family. We will take you from any part of Catalonia, drive you to this fantastic park and organize a great photo report. By the end of the delightful climbing experience, a traditional Catalan lunch will be waiting for you on the ground in a local restaurant. You’ll surely have a strong appetite after such adventure!


When it comes to security our team accurately chooses its service providers, so we may sure you enjoy your experience in a safe environment. We work only with a Parks that provides the latest integrated security systems, which are certified in EU. The only thing you should take care of is to bring cozy and comfortable shoes and clothes.


From 340€ (4 people)

Includes: Sport Activity (Gear, Instruction, hamlet etc.), Transfer to/from, lunch.