Night Party “Euphoria”

Enjoy the city of Barcelona at night with an exclusive dinner, a limousine with cava and visit the best clubs of the city from only 220 €
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Night holiday in Barcelona – a dive into the magical world of club life. Fascinating bits DJs and dancing go-go, exciting adventures and smell the pungent taste of pleasure – deservedly called the city a better place for clubbers Mediterranean. In Barcelona, ​​to be a party night traffic – it’s not a fad, but a lifestyle.

Want to dive into the world of magnetic night city and visit the best clubs in Barcelona marathon endless pleasure? The company offers an exclusive program – “Euphoria”. For those who keeps up with the times. For those who like to have fun.

Luxurious night rendezvous with Barcelona will begin with a delicious dinner, where you will meet not only with the classic Catalan cuisine, but also with its extravagant solutions. Every Spaniard satisfies hunger before you jump into the whirlpool of the night of separation.

Fortified, you are on a luxury limousine, accompanied by champagne and favorite music go for a walk around the city, immersed in the lights. A visit to the observation deck with great views of Barcelona – just one of many “cultural” elements of the program. On this night, you get to know the best places nightlife of Barcelona, ​​replacing them in the rhythm of relaxing idle pastime. You leave all the trouble and all the hustle and bustle of the night below.

We also recommend “Euphoria” people who want to enrich their sensory experience unforgettable impressions. Those who at least once plunged into the sea of ​​night movement of the Catalan capital, remember this for a long time.

Palette night in Barcelona – a plethora of musical flavors and colors. In the morning on the lips impressions visitors to the city will not only salty taste of the sea.

Take the opportunity to learn Barcelona closer.


Desde 220€* / person

*Include exclusive VIP area to enjoy the whole night (1 bottle for each 5 people)