La Granja Escuela El Botero

The farm project came about with the idea of creating an optimal place for children to meet farm animals that live in El Botero.
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La Granja Escuela El Botero is part of the Jardín El Botero, an estate surrounded by an immense plantation of trees with fields of crops, next to the path of a natural spring and the livestock track “Colada del Camino alto de Algete”. It is located in the Community of Madrid, between Alalpardo y Algete.

The farm project came about with the idea of creating an optimal place for children to meet farm animals that live in El Botero, as well as wild animals that choose this idyllic environment as their home. At La Granja El Botero we aim to share the wonderful landscapes that surround us with children in a safe way, teaching them to be respectful towards the environment and encouraging their development through knowledge of nature.

Our mission is to make children aware of Spain’s past, its countryside and help them immerse themselves in rural life so that they know the value of the techniques we have available to us, so that in the future they don’t turn their backs on nature and the care for the environment. All of this is done from their point of view so that they can really benefit from what they have learnt, thanks to the knowledge of the members of the developing society, who have a farming and livestock past.

Birthday parties and other events 

Ever since the Jardín El Botero started, we have held numerous events witht he aim of allowing clients to fully enjoy nature in an ideal environment. The objective is the same as this at the farm, but oriented towards children. 

We ensure that not only the children, but also the parents receive the best treatment while they celebrate their special day and that they can enjoy it without worrying about anything with the peace of mind that nature provides.

We offer a complete educational experience with the farm animals that have always been part of country people’s lives and still are today, although to a lesser extent. For this, we organise practical workshops related to the agricultural world, Mediterranean plant life and wild animals. These include traditional activities that contribute to the development of values towards the environment. 

In addition to our extensive facilities in a natural setting with meadows and ponds, we also provide a lounge with sofas, various games, magazines and books, and we provide breakfast and lunch with traditional products prepared in a wood-fired oven. 

We always take into account the condition of each child. We register and monitor

Tenemos siempre muy en cuenta las condiciones de cada niño. Anotamos y vigilamos en todo momento a los niños con alergias, intolerancias u otras condiciones de salud para que disfruten de la experiencia al máximo sin contratiempos.

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