Hotel-Restaurant La Antigua Ferrería

This Hotel-restaurant allows you to hold any event at any time of the year, combining it with exciting activities and the best relaxation.
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The Villa de Ezcaray was declared in 1998 to be the first touristic villa of La Rioja due to being a great tourist attraction.

The old blacksmith’s was an old facility in the iron and steel industry where iron was turned into metal. The existence of this blacksmith’s dates back to the prehistoric era, but closed when blast furnaces were invented.

Nowadays it is a rural hotel and restaurant in a country home with a size of more than 10,000 metres squared.

Weddings and Events

It is the ideal option for celebrating your event with your guests at whatever time of year. The reception room in the old blacksmith’s has a capacity for more than 200 people.

Being situated in an area surrounded by nature, it is perfect for combining your event with the organisation of cultural, oenological, mycological activities as well as with active tourism.

As well as being able to taste the traditional dishes and food from the region of La Rioja, you could also enjoy relaxing in the accommodation that the hotel provides, including the perfect bungalow for the newlyweds.

Outside, in the summer you can destress by the pool and the bar, whilst in winter you can sit by the heaters and enjoy ski activities.


  •         What type of event can you organise at the venue?: Weddings, communions, business events, etc…
  •         Menu Price per person (price range): 40€
  •         Does it offer accommodation?: Yes
  •         How many rooms are there? (accommodation): 10 rooms and a bungalow
  •         Number of guests? (range): up to 200
  •         Will the event have a time limit?: Subject to negotiation
  •         Will more than one event take place each day?: No
  •         Do you offer exclusive photographers/musicians/florists?: No
  •         How do we pay?: With cash or by bank transfer
  •         Will there be disability access?: Yes

How to get to the Antigua Ferrería

The hotel-restaurant la antigua ferrería can be found in the centre of Valle del Oja, in the town of Ezcaray, in the province of La Rioja. This hotel-restaurant is 1 hour away from Logroño, the capital of La Rioja and close to the ski resort of Valdezcaray.

  •         Latitude: 42º 19’ 36’’
  •         Longitude: 3º, 00’ 48”
  •         Altitude: 814m above sea level
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