30th birthday decorations in Madrid: this is the top ten of the best themed ones

Celebrating 30 years is definitely an important date in a person's life. So, take note because we have the top ten of the best themes for your 30th birthday and we take care of organizing everything!

Celebrating 30 years is definitely an important date in a person’s life. It marks the end of youth and the beginning of a new stage, so it is normal that you are looking for 30th birthday decoration in Madrid.

It is a perfect opportunity to surround yourself with friends and family, so we can’t think of anything better than organizing a birthday party in style. So, take note because we have the top ten of the best themes for your 30th birthday.

And keep reading until the end because we have the key to make your birthday a success!

We unveil the mystery in 3…2…1…go!

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These are the best themes for your 30th birthday:

Some people are not a fan of a particular theme, so for their birthdays they opt for decorations in more neutral tones. But, however, there are people who even if they are not a fan of something in particular, they find it very fun to have a themed birthday.

Take note of all the ideas we give you for an amazing 30th birthday decoration in Madrid:

RIP 20 years

The 20’s are leaving us and it’s time to say goodbye in style!  The latest trend on social media is to say goodbye to these years in style. Imagine a party with a giant obituary proclaiming “RIP 20 years” in dark colors like black, gray and purple to give it that funereal touch. And you can’t miss the black candles, dark flowers and small tombstones or crosses for the perfect ambiance! And of course, signs with phrases like “Farewell, youth” or “Welcome to 30!” are a must, and what would a party be without a photocall? A sign that says “Here lies my youth” will certainly make it a lot of fun.

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Casino Theme

We can throw a jaw-dropping casino party, the first thing to do is to transform the place into a Las Vegas paradise with neon lights, casino signs, chips and cards! Now, the dress code is key. We want to see all the guests in their best casino look: tuxedos, evening gowns, and accessories that shine brighter than the casino lights! And a casino party without some good themed cocktails would be nothing: get ready to taste with your guests the Vesper Martini, the Mint Mojito or the Vodka Martini, all with names that refer to the most famous casino games! Ready to bet? We can set up gaming tables with real dealers for blackjack, roulette and poker for your guests to have a great time.

Western Theme

Get ready for a super western party! We can decorate the place with wooden signs, wanted posters and cactus that will give it that rustic touch we are looking for. And of course, you can’t miss the lanterns and garlands of lights to give it that cozy touch. And clothing is key, so everyone should wear their best western attire: jeans, plaid shirts, boots, cowboy hats and neckerchiefs. But if they want to take it a step further, let them dress up as sheriffs, outlaws or saloon dancers! Creativity is welcome at the ranch. And what would a western party be without themed games and activities – ready for archery or water gun competitions, sack races and a country dance contest? So grab your best revolver, because this party promises to be more fun than a desert rodeo.

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Circus Themed

Celebrate your birthday with a colorful and fun-filled circus party! We can decorate with lots of circus canvases, vintage posters and elements such as jugglers and clowns. Also organize fairground games such as ring toss, target shooting and sack races as well as hire circus artists to perform live during the party, such as jugglers, acrobats, tightrope walkers or magicians. And for food? Nothing like a variety of circus-inspired snacks and treats, such as popcorn, cotton candy, nacho cheese, hot dogs and ice cream.

Retro theme

Get ready to travel back in time and relive the 80’s and 90’s at the most retro party of the century! We’ll fill the space with metallic balloons, fluorescent colors and vintage accessories like cassettes and vinyl records. It’ll look like you’ve stepped into a music video from the glorious years of pop music! Plus, we’ll add an authentic touch with furniture from the 60’s and 70’s. You’ll be able to sit on colorful plastic chairs! And a photocall is a must, so vintage props like Polaroid cameras to vintage phones will be present. So get out your fluorescent leggings and sequined vest. See you on the dance floor!

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Traveling theme

Life is a journey! and the 30’s are starting, ready to take off to a new stage? If you like to travel, you can use maps, flags from different countries and elements representative of different cultures to decorate your 30th birthday party in Madrid. You could also decorate different areas of the party with themes of specific places.  We will decorate the place like an airport terminal, with vintage suitcases, exotic destination posters and hot air balloons everywhere. Fasten your seat belts and get ready to take off for the most traveled birthday party of the year!

Hollywood theme

Action! It’s time to turn your birthday into an event worthy of the big screen with a Hollywood party that will make history! Imagine walking down a dazzling red carpet, surrounded by neon lights and movie posters, just like a real movie star! Ask your guests to get into glamour mode and arrive dressed as their favorite Hollywood icons. From Marilyn Monroe to Leonardo DiCaprio, everyone is welcome at this show of style and elegance! And what would a Hollywood party be without a photobooth worthy of the movie studios. With a Hollywood backdrop and props like top hats, oversized sunglasses, bow ties and feather boas, your guests can feel like real celebrities while having fun and stylish photos taken.

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Tropical Theme

Perfect for summer birthdays, get ready to bring out your wild and tropical side at the hottest party of the year! You and your guests will be immersed in an atmosphere of color and joy with decorations that will make you feel like you’re on an island paradise: tropical flowers, palm leaves and an explosion of vibrant colors like turquoise, fuchsia and yellow will make you feel like you’re in the Caribbean sun all the time! To keep you cool and in the tropical spirit, we will serve you the most delicious and refreshing cocktails you can imagine. From piña coladas to mango mojitos, every sip will be like a trip straight to the beach! For the dress code, ask your guests to dress up in their best tropical looks: Hawaiian shirts, floral dresses, shorts, straw skirts and straw hats will be welcome – don’t forget accessories such as flower necklaces, sunglasses and sandals to complete the island paradise look!

Mysterious theme

Get ready for a birthday party full of mystery and excitement in the enigmatic streets of Madrid! At this party, the enigma will be the absolute protagonist, challenging your guests with riddles, puzzles and escape games that will test their wits and dexterity! Who will discover the best kept secret? The décor will be full of intrigue and suspense. And the food and drink won’t be lacking either: get ready for a banquet worthy of a mysterious mansion, where every bite will reveal a new taste of intrigue and every sip will be like unveiling a new chapter of the enigma. It will be a birthday your guests will never forget!

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Carnival theme

It’s time for carnival to come to your birthday and transform the party into a festival of fun and color! We’ll decorate the space with all the colors of the rainbow, from vibrant red to electric blue! Mysterious masks, exuberant feathers and floating balloons will create a festive atmosphere that will have you dancing the night away. And don’t worry about hunger, because typical fair food will be the star of the night! Fluffy cotton candy, crunchy popcorn and hot churros await to satisfy your most festive cravings. And to add to the fun, we can arrange games and activities that will have you laughing until your abs hurt! From an exciting costume contest to an epic confetti battle, every moment will be an adventure at your birthday carnival!

And don’t forget to complement your birthday!

Yes, having entertainment, live shows and live musicians at a birthday party adds a special and memorable touch to the celebration, that’s why whatever the theme chosen for the 30th birthday decoration in Madrid, you have to complement it with super entertaining entertainment.

And live music and entertainment create a festive and lively atmosphere that elevates the mood of the guests and makes the celebration unforgettable.

For example? Dance performances, jugglers, comedians, magicians, circus artists, drag queens, karaokes, costume competitions… the options are endless, and we can help you hire the best professionals.

You’ve seen that we have the best ideas for every type of birthday theme!

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Did you know that we have the best birthday decoration and organization service?         

We not only organize but we also decorate, since we have a great decoration team full of florists, interior designers, etc.

We take care of everything: finding the perfect space such as private rooms or rooftops, placing the decoration according to what the birthday boy/girl likes, hiring the best musicians, animators and everything you need.

Tell us what you have in mind and we will make it happen, surely with this article you already have clear the theme of your 30th birthday decoration in Madrid.


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