Thinking of a sangria corner at your wedding in Spain? Say yes!

Thinking about a sangria corner at your wedding in Spain? Say yes!

More and more couples want to celebrate their wedding in Spain, and this is normal! Our country offers endless possibilities for an unforgettable wedding, such as, for example, a sangria corner.

In addition to water, natural fruit juices, soft drinks, beers, wine and all kinds of cocktails and mixed drinks, there is a drink with a clear Spanish flavour that is almost essential for a wedding in Spain: sangria, ideal drink especially for weddings held in the hottest months of the year.

This drink is always a delicious option, due to its sweet and refreshing flavour. Therefore, in this article we tell you all about including a sangria corner at your wedding in Spain.

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But first… What’s in the sangria?

It depends on the type or types of sangria you choose. The traditional sangria recipe includes red wine, soda and a variety of fruits.

As far as fruit is concerned, the possibilities are varied, although the most classic option usually includes apples, peaches, pears, oranges and lemons.

Sugar, a cinnamon stick and a glass of brandy, cointreau or cognac are also essential.

Finger-licking good!

Flavours to suit all palates

Beyond this original sangria recipe, there are many other options and there are as many options as you can imagine: white wine, cava, raspberries, blueberries, melon, rum, ginger…

Yes, you can also make sangria with rosé wine, sangria with champagne, sangria with cider or sangria with tequila, among other options.

We love white wine sangria with fruit, cava sangria with rum, as well as kiwi, pineapple, strawberries, mango or watermelon sangria.

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Which sangria to choose for the big day?

The one that suits you best or the one that you think that the largest number of guests will like the most. In any case, you don’t have to choose just one type of sangria, as you can include a variety of options as an open sangria bar so that the guests can decide which one they think is the most delicious.

Your sangria bar, well presented

If you want sangria to be part of the welcome cocktail on the big day at your wedding in Spain, you can’t fail to present it in an attractive way. How? Well, by creating a corner dedicated to this refreshing drink. Take note!

Put it in a clear glass pitcher: This is perhaps the most traditional way of presenting sangria. If you opt for this option, remember that it is advisable to place a large spoon in the sangria pitcher, which will allow you to stir it well before serving it.

In a dispenser: As for natural fruit juices, serving sangria in large drink dispensers with a small tap is a good option, which will allow guests to serve themselves as they wish.

In a large salad bowl: It will be an original way to include it, don’t you think? In this case, you can’t miss a soup ladle to serve it in the glasses you have chosen.

In glasses: This option is just as good as the previous ones and consists of your family and friends finding the sangria ready to drink immediately.

Whichever way you choose, don’t forget that the decoration will play an important role in this choice, so you can’t miss some fresh leaves, such as mint, for example, or some cut fruit.

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Consolación Hotel & Restaurant

Sangria without alcohol

It is also possible, and if you want your loved ones to enjoy its flavour to the maximum, but you don’t want them to overindulge. If they have to drive, you can always opt for an alcohol-free sangria.

Also, if several of your guests are diabetic, there is also the option of being as faithful as possible to the original sangria recipe, but without using sugar.

As a gift for your guests

As you read it! As well as including it in the aperitif, you can also give small bottles of sangria to family and friends so that, when they decide, they can enjoy its full flavour at home.

You will find different options, but the most common are the 200 ml bottles that you can present with a personalised label of your choice, or in natural jute or cotton bags.

Convinced to set up a sangria corner on your wedding day in Spain? It will delight everyone present and make all the difference in your walk down the aisle, especially in the summer months!

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