Wedding dresses 2018: Laura Lomas and Raquel Ferreiro

These are our favorite designs of the bridal collections designed by Laura Lomas and Raquel Ferreiro at Atelier Couture. These are his proposals for wedding dresses 2018.

On March 14th we were invited to one of the wonderful fashion shows that Atelier Couture organizes in the Fernán Nuñez Palace, a charming place in the center of Madrid. It is always a real pleasure to be able to go to any of these events and see new collections of wedding dresses 2018 by these incredible designers. This time, we were able to enjoy the new collections of Laura Lomas and Raquel Ferreiro. We loved all their proposals and today we want to show you what we saw during these great fashion shows.

Fernán Nuñez Palace is just a dream, since it is a beautiful place full of magic. The shows started at 7:00 p.m. so when we arrived, we took a seat to wait for the first design and admire the beautiful setting in which they were going to present their collections.


The lights dimmed and the show by designer Raquel Ferreiro began. We enjoy a very feminine collection, with very special and varied fabrics. We also find touches of color in some of the designs, mainly in pink, gold and blue. These were some of the incredible wedding dresses 2018:

The first was this beautiful short dress with an impressive train and a very delicate and feminine transparent back:


We loved this two pieces of spectacular skirt with golden fabric and body in white.


And of course, we have to show you this gorgeous dress that closed the show, which had original feathers on the back of the skirt, in brown tones:


And then, the fashion show by the famous Spanish designer Laura Lomas began. The fashion show was absolutely inspiring, with exquisite fabrics and different volumes. A visual show in which we could see wedding dresses for this season 2018 that left us breathless. The collection is called “Raíces” and we are sure that it will be a complete success.

We started with this design inspired by the 20s, with a delicate fabric and flight sleeves that are always spectacular. The most impressive thing of this wedding dress is the sexy and feminine back:


We also saw original designs as this suit, with a wonderful jacket and incorporating mesh fabric in the sleeves.


This wedding dress that we show you below is a design with a nice body in light beige tone and special buttons that gave it a lot of personality.


We could also admire several designs that incorporated this beautiful blue color:


One of the most stunning dresses of the fashion show was this dress with a semi transparent body and voluminous skirt in blue:


And finally, we show you this dress in which we can again appreciate the mesh fabric that the designer chose for most of the designs in this collection:


We loved being able to enjoy a fashion day as inspiring as this one and in a place as special as the Fernán Núñez Palace. It was a real pleasure to admire these wedding dresses 2018 collections and be able to see this year’s trends. We hope you to have enjoyed it as much as we have!



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