Excursion to Montserrat Mountain and vineyards

Visit the beautiful monastery of XI century in Montserrat mountain, Barcelona, its vineyards and enjoy the best cava wine from 420 € (2 people)
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Mountain Monserrat is a very special place. Not just a place where you can walk around and see fantastic views, it is also a place where you can enjoy the fresh air of the mountains, and can think in peace and quiet surrounded by the real beauty of nature, and the real beauty of stone. On the top of the mountain or in the monastery you can also touch a holy black Madonna and share your secret with her. Monserrat is a “window to the heaven” so to speak and has earned a reputation for being a special place. Pilgrims from all over the world are coming together here.

It also happens, that the main shrine of Catalonia – Monserrat Monastery is surrounded by endless vineyards, which in fact, is not accidental because in the beginning, the cultivation of vineyards and the production of wine were the main occupation of monastic communities. Wine in our time plays an important role in church tradition, being part of the sacrament.

A visit to the holy site of the monastery of Monserrat and wine cellars within the same route will leave you with a profound and valid experience.

Praising the Catalan winemaking and the wine of the Priory region can be endless. And you will be able to experience it yourself by visiting one of the wineries located nearby.

You can choose one of the vineyards:

  1. Codorniu
  2. Freixenet
  3. Torres

Each vineyard is interesting because of it’s history and production. You can experience the best qualities of each wine. After tasting out the wine and Cava (Spanish sparkling wine) you can choose which ones you like the most and purchase a bottle or purchase some of the finest Catalonian wines you desire.


  • For 2 people from 420€ (Excursion/Tour of Monserrat mountain, funicular, transfer to and from location, entry to the vineyard)
  • For 4 people from 500€ (Excursion/Tour of Monserrat mountain, funicular, transfer to and from location, entry to the vineyard)

Lunch is not included in the price.

Recommendations: sunscreen (during summer months), comfortable clothes and shoes, for women – clothes that cover shoulders and knees.

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